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Awareness and consciousness


In the post-Covid-19 world, these two concepts are inseparable. It is also one of the five principles of Vertex Hotel Group.

For many years, VHG has been setting trends in the Ukrainian hospitality market. Every day we set the bar high, creating special memories and sharing the most important moments with our guests.

We are trusted and we never betray that trust.

In the fall of 2021, it’s no longer enough to have spotless cleanliness, delicious food, and cozy rooms.

It’s time to think about safety. The safety of guests, staff, family and friends.

Now, as in all of its previous years of operation, VHG is once again setting the trends and setting the bar. The bar of awareness and consciousness.

Our company has taken care of the safety of our guests and employees by providing our staff with the opportunity to be vaccinated at our facilities in Kiev and Odessa.

For the first time, we really want our trend to be supported and replicated by all our colleagues in the market as soon as possible.

All of our employees wear badges marked «vaccinated». That’s when a small detail hides a deep meaning and a conscious choice.

We are vaccinated, so in the walls of Bristol Hotel 5* Odesa safe for guests, customers and employees 🙏🏻

We are a safe space!