Fire safety rules and behavior in an emergency

When checking into a room

Entering in your room, check out with the route leading to the nearest emergency exit. It is shown on the plan, which is in your room near the front door. Determine on the plan the location of fire extinguishers (fire extinguishers, fire hydrants), fire alarm buttons on the guest floors and the location of your room
on the floor.

If you hear a prolonged alarm

And after it information about the need for evacuation, try to leave the hotel building as soon as possible. Before leaving the room, touch the doorknob
and make sure it’s cold. If, while carefully opening the door, you find fire or smoke in the hallway, close the door as quickly as possible.

To prevent a fire in the room

We ask you to refrain from smoking in bed. Do not use electric heaters, use matches carefully, do not empty ashtrays in the trash can.

Don't use lifts!

If the hallway and stairs are heavily smoggy and it is impossible to leave the building, return to your room. This is the safest place for you now. Place a damp towel or bed linen under the door and block the vents to stop smoke from entering the room. Rip off any curtains from the windows so that they do not catch fire if fire enters through the window. Fill the tub with water
and prepare the dishes for possible water transfer. Call 2222 and state your location.

In case of fire

Immediately inform the reception and accommodation service
by calling 2222. Then proceed according to the evacuation plan in your room. If you are in a hallway or hall, press the fire alarm button nearest to you. If possible, close all doors to prevent the spread of the fire.

In the case of a fire in your room

Report fire immediately by calling 2222. Take measures to extinguish fire with available means. Remember to extinguish not switched off electrical appliances
using water is life-threatening. If it is not possible to eliminate the ignition source on your own, leave the room and close the door. Alert hotel personnel to leave the danger zone following the instructions of the hotel or fire department.

In the case of a fire outside your room

Call 2222 immediately. Close windows
in your room and leave it, leave the building. If the smoke prevents you from leaving the building, stay
in your room and open all windows. Tightly closed doors protect you from dangerous temperatures for a long time. To avoid smoke poisoning, place a damp towel or bed linen under the door and block the vents with them. Please inform the reception and accommodation service about your location. With the arrival of firefighters, go to the window and give a signal for help.


Close windows, doors, ventilation tightly. Choose the safest spot in the middle of the building, in the corridors on the ground floor. Make sure that there is no smell of gas, do not light a fire, do not use elevators.


In the event of an earthquake, never use the elevator. Stay away from glazed exterior wall openings. If you are unable to leave the building, take the safest place – in the doorway or under the frame beams.