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Diamond’s Love


As you know, the best friends of all girls are diamonds.

Jewelry House ZARINA and Bristol Hotel Odessa 5* invite you to Valentine’s Day Dinner — Diamond’s Love!

We will greet you with sparkling Prosecco with a precious surprise from ZARINA Jewelry House in every glass!

At the end of the evening you will have a chance to participate in the raffle of a diamond pendant from ZARINA Jewelry House.

Dinner menu:

  • Oysters with sabayon sauce and saffron
  • Foie gras terrine with mango-ginger chutney, served with gingerbread
  • Shrimp, pineapple and ginseng root salad.
  • Dorado with celery and tomato confit / Duck breast with pear marinated in wine and spices *(fish or poultry of your choice)
  • Savoyardi, sauteed with passionfruit, with delicate mascarpone mousse, malibu and coconut jam

Musical accompaniment: French singer Nana Kritsak, piano.

Dinner cost: 2000 UAH. 100% prepayment.

Buy ticket:

Mob. +38 050 575 77 74