VIP Way — comfort and convenience!

For our guests, who appreciate time and individual quality service, Bristol Hotel Odessa 5 * offers the VIP Way service at Odessa International Airport.
Order for yourself, your guests and business partners!

The VIP Way services are provided for passengers at the VIP-lounge:


1. Short-term parking place (for a time of handling).
2. Unloading luggage from the client’s car.
3. A comfortable lounge for passengers and seeing off people.
4. A single point of border and customs controls.
5. Individual check-in, luggage check-in, transfer to the aircraft.
6. Individual transfer to aircraft by special comfortable bus, accompaniment by handling agent.


1. An individual meeting of passengers at an aircraft ladder.
2. Transfer of passengers by special comfortable transport to the VIP-terminal.
3. Priority unloading of the baggage from the aircraft.
4. A single point of border and customs controls.
5. Uploading baggage into the client’s car.
6. A comfortable lounge for the meeting people.

Details by tel.: +38 048 796 55 44